Eric Beacom


Eric Beacom

I am a former Army Combat Medic. Originally from Nebraska I spent most of my active duty time in the State of Texas. I did my AIT at Ft. Sam Houston and then moved up the road to Ft. Hood in Killeen where I served for nearly 2.5 years. After serving in Texas I was sent to South Korea where I spent the remaining time of my active duty. Interesting note here- If you have ever seen the movie "We were soldiers" that is the company I was under while in Korea.

After my time on active duty I moved back to Nebraska to Omaha. It was here that I found the love of my life and have been married for 14 years. We now have 3 kids- Cohen-13, Taryn-11, and Boone- 6. We are a very active family. My wife and I workout at CG (Camp Gladiator) 4-5 times a week and stay plenty busy running our kids to their activities.... baseball, football, soccer, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, and basketball. We do still find time to get our fill of Jesus the most important of all.

After moving here a little over 4 years ago I jumped into the real estate investing game. I started out by buying a couple properties that I flipped and as of recently have gotten into building on the Eastside. While I still plan on doing my own investing and branching into more of the passive side. I have a passion of being around people and the different sides of real estate. I love how it is always changing, the different styles, the multiple ways to make money, and most of all the people you develop relationships with. This whole business is about the relationships we build and that's what I'm here to do. Please reach out I'm here to help.


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